Ember Realms


Ember Realms is a 1.14.2 survival server. The core focuses are on 'bending,' which is a unique PvP mode, and on building; you can use a plugin called Lands to protect your builds.

We are a language-inclusive server 📜. This means you can speak any languages you know! Moreover, you can access commands such as /guide and /rules in English, Japanese, Norwegian, Slovak and Spanish. Enter /player language <language> to set your language. We are also an LGBTQ-inclusive server 🌈.

We also have mcMMO, player shops, vampires and werewolves. Come join us!


🔔 You can access these rules on the server in English, Japanese, Norwegian, Slovak and Spanish. Enter /player language <language> then /rules.

🛑 Be socially conscious. Consider how your messages may be received.
🛑 Avoid using dehumanizing or demeaning language.
🛑 Avoid using caps excessively.
🛑 Avoid swearing excessively.
🛑 Avoid spamming. Spamming is sending messages in rapid succession.
🛑 Avoid discussing non-ER servers.
🛑 Avoid discussing exceedingly socially divisive issues (e.g. religion).
🛑 Avoid discussing engaging in sex.
🛑 Avoid abusing game-changing mods (e.g. x-ray) and resource packs.
🛑 Avoid abusing game-changing bugs.
🛑 Leave constructions you come across alone (i.e. no griefing or raiding). You can help users who say you can help, however.
🛑 In Discord voice channels, avoid purposely playing annoying music.
🛑 In Discord voice channels, always use earphones or headphones.

Arguing over warnings you have received may presage more warnings. Users who have received 3 or more warnings may be banned. And users who have been banned may be unbanned once 90 days have passed.

The Discord guidelines (discordapp.com/guidelines) govern discussions on our Discord server and in your Discord DMs. By comparison, our guidelines only govern discussions on our Discord and game servers. Thus, we recommend you contact Discord to report users who have breached one or more guidelines in your Discord DMs.


🔔 You can access these guides on the server in English, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak and Spanish. Enter /player language <language> then /guides.


'Bending' refers to performing a maneuver or series of maneuvers to launch a special offensive or defensive move or combo. Several bending arts are available, and each one has around a dozen unique moves and combos. Go to /warp choose-bending to choose one. Once you have chosen one, you will need to bind a few moves. Enter /b d <bending art> to see every move you can bind and /b b <move> to bind one. Performing bending moves and combos generally requires punching, sneaking, or a series of punches and sneaks. Enter /b h <move> to learn how to use whichever move you specify.

To go somewhere you can bend, enter /warp arena or /warp survival.

Ranking Up and Earning Money

Enter /ranks to see every rank you can earn. Each rank has unique commands and perks, which are all described on /ranks. You need money to rank up, which you can earn a couple ways. One way is to join a job. Enter /jobs browse to choose one. Money can also be earned by selling goods at /warp shop. Once you have earned enough money to rank up, enter /rankup.

Lands: Overview

Lands is a land protection plugin that is analogous to Kingdoms and Towny. There are no invasions or raids, however. This means that only players that you have trusted to your land protection (see Lands: Trusting a Player to Your Land Protection) can access and change it.

Lands: Creating a Land Protection

Creating a land protection costs $5,000 in in-game money. You can earn money by joining a job (enter /jobs browse to choose one) or by selling goods at /warp shop. We recommend selling wood at /warp shop; several players have constructed farms where you can freely chop wood. Once you have earned enough money, enter /land create <name> to create your land protection. You can own only one land protection.

Lands: Claiming a Land Chunk

Claiming a land chunk costs $100 in in-game money. Enter /land claim to claim a land chunk. Upon joining, you can claim 16 land chunks. Upon reaching Historian (enter /ranks and /rankup), you can claim 32. And upon reaching Lord, you can claim 64.

To set where you spawn in your land protection, enter /land setspawn. To spawn in your land protection, enter /land spawn. And to unclaim a land chunk, enter /land unclaim.

Lands: Trusting a Player to Your Land Protection

Enter /land trust <player> to trust a player to your land protection. You can be trusted to 5 land protections. You can change your land protection's settings by entering /land menu. These settings include enabling and disabling mob spawning, enabling and disabling player interactions, and viewing all your claimed land chunks.

Enter /land untrust <player> to untrust a player that you have previously trusted.